TitleUse Wiki Markup For Administration
Date20-Sep-2006 18:45:43 EEST
JSPWiki version2.4.53
SubmitterJerome Duprez
Idea CategoryAdministrationIdea
Idea StatusNewIdea

This is supposed to be an umbrella idea, or a policy, to create or adapt the GUI to JspWiki administration features.

The idea is to make as much as possible of the configuration editable in special-purpose Wiki pages. Part of this already exists in JspWiki today:

  • the menus or sidebars are currently editable as special pages: LeftMenu, LeftMenuFooter, RightMenu,...
  • ACL can be specified in each page's Wiki text
  • Group membership is specified in group pages' Wiki text

I'd like to bring this comfort further, enabling an administrator or special editor to configure a Wiki without having to touch the server machine or alter the web container configuration:

And if some templates evolve to propose more elaborate interfaces for such administration tasks, Special Pages could be used to redirect these pages to specific JSPs instead, backed or not by the raw Wiki text.

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