|Title|Use Wiki Markup For Administration
|Date|20-Sep-2006 18:45:43 EEST
|JSPWiki version|2.4.53
|Submitter|Jerome Duprez
|[Idea Category]|AdministrationIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

This is supposed to be an umbrella idea, or a policy, to create or adapt the GUI to JspWiki administration features.

The idea is to make as much as possible of the configuration editable in special-purpose Wiki pages. Part of this already exists in JspWiki today:
* the menus or sidebars are currently editable as special pages: [LeftMenu], [LeftMenuFooter], [RightMenu],...
* ACL can be specified in each page's Wiki text
* Group membership is specified in group pages' Wiki text

I'd like to bring this comfort further, enabling an administrator or special editor to configure a Wiki without having to touch the server machine or alter the web container configuration:
* add a site-wide banner without touching the templates (see [Idea Wiki-Wide Notice]
* edit the site-wide styles, currently defined in jspwiki.css: [Idea Edit Wiki-Wide Styles via a Wiki page]
* configure the security policy, currently defined in jspwiki.policy: [Idea Edit Wiki-Wide security via a Wiki page]
* if any more idea come, feel free to add to this page.

And if some templates evolve to propose more elaborate interfaces for such administration tasks, [Special Pages] could be used to redirect these pages to specific JSPs instead, backed or not by the raw Wiki text.