|Title|User Selectable Templates
|Date|15-Jun-2005 12:26:39 EEST
|JSPWiki version|2.2? or 3?
|[Idea Category]|GenericIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

On user preferences allow user to pick any of the installed templates. That way each user could look at the wiki through his favourite template. Of course they would be limited to choosing from small list of templates installed by the administrator.

Is there anyone willing to implement this?

If I implement this, would it be considered for acceptance into JSPWiki?


You can, at the moment, utilize the "skin" -parameter in the request to force a particular skin.   However, this information is not persisted between pages.  All you need to do is to have some sort of a selector on UserPreferences.jsp and add persistence based on cookies.

And yeah, it would be a cool addition :)

-- JanneJalkanen

Ummm... How do you use the "skin" parameter??? I tried hanging ?skin=OliveBranch onto the URL, but it did not work?

-- Anders G