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Date06-Dec-2004 15:28:28 EET
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Currently, you can change the contents of your site with a browser, but you can't touch it's look.


1: Give access to css files through the same interface as wiki pages.
2: Add a /ResetStyle.jsp , that would restore the css to a previous version.

Note: css is only one part of the story. Templates should not be forgotten.

This has actually been done on a couple of sites. What you do is you create a new page like "ThisSiteCSS" and then in your template refer to the wiki page instead of a static file. (You have to either use InsertPageTag to insert it between <style>-elements, or create a "raw" template, which has no formatting whatsoever.

Another trick is to use an attachment, which then allows off-site editing.

-- JanneJalkanen

If it's that "simple", don't you think it's worth making it the default setting, in the plain vanilla JSPWiki?
Or it could be precoded, and commented, in the templates, Not everybody can/want to touch JSP code and tags.


Nnnnno. With CSS it would be possible to completely and utterly prevent anyone than an admin from accessing the site. Which makes the wiki self-correction mechanism (i.e. all the nice users that fix problems) dysfunctional. (Hint: imagine body { display:none }) -- JanneJalkanen

  • That's why I mentioned adding a
  • The page should obviously be protected; --AlainRavet

The other problem is that the current default template is not very amenable to css editing. However, a better default template as well as a HOWTO on how to do the CSS editing would be cool...

-- JanneJalkanen

  • That's one additional reason to make it easier for users, by packing as much as possible in the default JSPWiki distribution. --AlainRavet

-- JDuprez In general it would be great that as much as possible of the configuration and administration be exposed via the Web interface, and as much as possible of it using Wiki markup. That has been done for some aspects, e.g., Install.jsp, and ACLs in Wiki Markup. Going further is probably possible, and there's a hell of a lot of nice features to put in a JSPWiki Administrative Interface Wish List (user accounts, AAA policy, layout, CSS,...).

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