|Title|WikiVariable for jspwiki.specialPage
|Date|12-Mar-2007 01:19:23 EET
|JSPWiki version|2.4.100
|Submitter|Morten Hattesen
|[Idea Category]|MarkupIdea
|[Idea Status]|NewIdea

I can see no way to be able to determine which [Special page references] are defined by the {{JSPWiki.properties}} with the pattern {{jspwiki.specialPage.*}}, like the {{{[{$interwikilinks}]}}} variable publishes interwiki links defined in {{JSPWiki.properties}}. 

While the value of a specific special page, e.g. {{jspwiki.specialPage.Login}}, may be read as a wiki variable, there is no way to determine which [Special page references] are defined.

None of these WikiMarkup will return the specialPage values:
jspwiki.specialPage.* = [{$jspwiki.specialPage.*}]

jspwiki.specialPage = [{$jspwiki.specialPage}]

I suggest that one of the above forms may be used to return a list of all values that are "specializations" of the {{jspwiki.specialPage}} property. The value should be returned as a comma separated list of {{PageName=URL}}.

Care should be taken to not bypass general security by allowing protected property values to be read in this way.

If this feature is implemented, I furthermore suggest to add this property to the [SystemInfo] page.