|Title|Wysiwyg editing
|Date|24-Sep-2005 18:50:00 EEST
|JSPWiki version|WysiwygEditing
|[Idea Category]|UserInterfaceIdea
|[Idea Status]|ClosedIdea

A wysiwyg editor option (instead of just a textarea) would be very nice. Even just a simple Ajax version, like [Wikiwyg|http://www.wikiwyg.net/], which is nice because you can flip between wiki an rich text, and edit pages by doubleclicking sections, rather than going into edit mode. Check out their [demo|http://demo.wikiwyg.net/wikiwyg/demo/].

I'm sure there are other toolkits out there, as well.


See AdvancedEditingShowcase, we already integrate FCK (but we're not distributing it).

-- JanneJalkanen