Ideas - A Welcom Message for the Main Page#

-- Heinz Josef L├╝cking - 18.06.04 --

Put it into file "PageContent.jsp" rigth above <wiki:InsertPage />
Sample can be seen here

String strStart = ((com.ecyrd.jspwiki.WikiContext)pageContext.getAttribute
  ("jspwiki.context", PageContext.REQUEST_SCOPE)).getPage().getName(); 

    <wiki:UserCheck exists="true">
        <wiki:Translate>[<wiki:UserName />]</wiki:Translate>!</a></h2>

    <wiki:UserCheck exists="false">
        Set your name in<BR>
        <wiki:LinkTo page="UserPreferences">UserPreferences</wiki:LinkTo><br><br>

Export functions to forrest so u can store the content of wiki in a content managements system. The idea is use the wiki for gets the content, its the input system and build with the help of wiki and forrest a documentation system in the intranet. Styles and pdf export do forrest.


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