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Question : How-to call dynamically the calendar, the name of the current page changing for each page ?#


The calendar is really interesting to filter the blogs. But the weblog plugin allows any page to start a blog: if I start a blog inside a page named MyLog, all the entries will be named MyBlog_blogentry_DDMMyy_x. I'd like the calendar to change its parameters for each page.


<wiki:Calendar pageformat="'<wiki:PageName/>Main_blogentry_'ddMMyy'_1'" urlformat="'Wiki.jsp page=<wiki:PageName/>&weblog.startDate='ddMMyy'&weblog.days=1'"/>

But of course impossible to insert a "<wiki:" inside another "<wiki:" (well I guess).

Can someone tell me how to do this, I don't really master the jsp. Thanks


Question: Can I insert the Calendar Plugin inside an entry?#


[{INSERT com.ecyrd.jspwiki.tags.CalendarTag WHERE pageformat="'Main_blogentry_'ddMMyy'_1'"; urlformat="'Wiki.jsp?page=Main&weblog.startDate='ddMMyy'&weblog.days=1'"}]

And if yes, how-to insert a $pagename variable inside it (see previous question)?

[{INSERT com.ecyrd.jspwiki.tags.CalendarTag WHERE pageformat="'[{$pagename}]_blogentry_'ddMMyy'_1'"; --FrancoisParlant

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