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!11 Feb 2004 - [Ideas - Case insensitive WikiName matching]
In my company we use the [TWiki]-[Wiki]. There, if you use a WikiName in CamelCase for exampel ''Exampel'', it is irrelevant if you write ''~ExamPel'' or ''~ExaMpel''. Both links point to the same page. If you want to link to a page, you only have to know, that there __is__ a page and not which CamelCase version you have to use.

Does anybody know, where I have to do the changes in the [JSPWiki] source code?

By the way, I think it would be possible to create a Wiki, in which every word is a possible link, but only those words, for that a page exists, are links. So it would be possible, that you write a text without using CamelCase. You don't have to know, which words are WikiNames.

-- DirkPessarra - 11 Feb 2004