Ideas - External Link CamelCase Matching 30 June 2004 - #

Once a word is externally linked (e.g. YahooSite) then any additional references to that word will automatically be externally linked via CamelCase matching.

-- Calgon

A cool idea, but there is a minor problem. Let's assume that there are 500 pages in the Wiki and all of them have the term YahooSite on them. On one of those pages is the external link, but all YahooSite references link to the external link. Now lets assume that the URL changes, it will be very hard to find that one page. (I won't go into the abuse that the Wiki Ogre's could cause)
But it is a great idea, so let's cheat :-). Create a page called YahooSite. In it put the Redirect Plugin and use it to redirect to Yahoo. Now all 500 pages link to this page, and this one page has the link to Yahoo. Easy to find, easy to change, and while not Ogre proof, it will do what you want. The drawback is that you will end up with extra pages, one for each external link. -- Foster Schucker
Or use the SET redirect='xx' -functionality in 2.1... --JanneJalkanen


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