This discussion has been refactored here from Ideas. It concerns using JSPWiki in something else than the ubiquitous English.

There should be no spanish, german, arabic, chinese, kyrilic or .... versions of language specific jsp-files. just one basic file with variables is enough. a default language.en file and a link to in preferences to a language specific file within the preferences like language_file = is enought(?).

-- 26.03.2003 Heinz-Josef Lücking

Nope. This would not work, for the simple reason that after that any template files would be completely incomprehensible. And that is not acceptable, since the templates must be modifiable by non-computer-literate people.

Yes, plugins would need to be localizable, yes, since they contain string literals within code, which is ugly, but you simply cannot have a single, centralized file where all of the different strings are defined. It would be a nightmare to administer in a system where users can change the templates at will.

And Heinz-Josef, please, you do not need to mention this on every possible page - I can find the correct page myself :-).

-- JanneJalkanen, 29-Mar-2003. Hey janne

I think you didn't understand my concept

a central language variable file for all the text just makes it easyer just for "non-computer-literate people" to change a text like in Leftmenu <wiki:EditLink page="LeftMenu">Please make one.</wiki:EditLink><BR> where "Please make one" is just a variable called whitin a language specific file like var_ Please_make one = "Please make one" You have just to edit one file. You dont to need understand jsp. You just tranlate. The basic file of cource should have some hints on what this text belongs to.

Plugins: I never wrote about users, enabled to change everything. that all.

And about writing on every possible page: I know it is your page an you know about everything. But do others knew about? But i think the refractoring was ok

Yes, I actually did understand what you were talking about. I am an old Amiga user and software author, and its localization system was one of the best ever. But the point is that every JSP page is fully customizable by the people who install JSPWiki. If JSPWiki were an actual Swing application, I would of course put all of the translatable strings in a single file.

But the default template that comes with JSPWiki is only an example. It looks like crap, and people are encouraged to make their own to suit their own way. Unfortunately, this automatically invalidates any localization system that depends on putting the strings in a separate file. You wouldn't do something like that on a regular HTML file, wouldn't you? So why would you do it for a JSP page?

-- JanneJalkanen

Hey janne

Just a basic question: is it impossible to include files within jsp?

No, not at all. You can always use the <jsp:include> -tag for dynamical includes. --JanneJalkanen

JSPWiki in Spanish. (And some heresy?)#

October 11, 2002

Hi, I have some skill on java programming and I would like to contribute to JSPWiki, so I would appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction.

Anyway, since I want to set up a wiki for spanish speaking friends and relatives, the first thing I would like to contribute is a spanish version of the jsps and the basic text files. In order to do this, I have got the latest CVS version and those files are the ones I'll translate. If there are any gotchas I have not foreseen or you think there is a more intelligent way to go about this, let me know before I spend too much time doing this!

About the heresy part, let me explain. I got started writing webapps when servlets was the way to do it. Since all those System.out.println("<table cols=\"3\""); were a nightmare, I adopted JSPs as soon as they became available. Now I'm convinced JSPs are not the solution, and have recently started using Velocity and Maverick, a small-but-powerfull MVC framework. In particular, I think maverick's pluggable view templates and transformation capabilities could be very useful for JSPWiki. Now that I think about it, Maverick also works with JSPs, so talking about it doesn't even have to be heresy! :-) So take a look at it, it might be worth it.


I agree that JSP is not the ideal solution. But it's good enough, and the trouble of converting everything would be far too much at this stage.


... and Italian#

October 30, 2002

In order to make it easier to localize JSPWiki it would be helpful when the text outputted by plugins would be accessible from outside the source code. As things stand now, you have to go into the source, perform any translation, compile the source for the thus changed class and check it into the JSPWiki.jar.
Anyway, an Italian version of JSPWiki exists now.

-- Han Steenwijk

Very cool :-).

Yes, I agree that there is still too much code inside the plugins. You can of course point the finger at the dumb plugin writers who have not used the standard Java localization features (that would be mostly me :-). I've added this to the TODOList.

BTW, the current CVS version allows you to change the frontpage name - I realized "Main" is not very clear for most people, especially to those not speaking English :-).


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