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I think the JSPWiki version under the Ideas - left menu footer should be a link back to the main JSPWiki page ( It would be nice if people who use JSPWikis hosted on other sites could see a link back here. --KenLiu

2003-12-09 - ReferringPagesPlugin exclusions#

Add an exclusions list for the ReferringPagesPlugin, so that Category items can exclude known referrers that aren't really in the category. A primage example is CategoryThirdPartyPlugins, which contains a link to LeftMenu, as if LeftMenu is a Plugin. --DaggerBox

See QueryPlugin, [{QueryPlugin pages='(TO [ThisPagesName]) AND NOT ([LeftMenu] OR [Main])' }]


Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! nqemnkyqthdy

--AnonymousCoward, 24-Jun-2007

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