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27.10.2003 -- Link target control in properties file#

I like the jspwiki.translatorReader.useOutlinkImage feature, to place a little icon after the link to show that you are linking out of the wiki. But, I would like to toggle on a feature that links off the site would optionally open in a different target window, so I don't leave my JSPWiki site. I would do this by adding a property to the file named jspwiki.translatorReader.useOutlinkTarget, whose value would either be undefined, giving current functionality, or be the name of a target browser window.

-- Deleteme999

Nice feature. I wonder if you could be sure that all outlinks shall open a new browser window. How about a second/third parameter for links [ link | option ] with allowed value for option like blank or new or window:x,y,w,h -- Guido

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