''This text is refactored from [Ideas]. It concerns using JSPWiki to provide
several WikiWebs.''


!November 20th, 2002 -- [JeremyC]

I am new in general to Wiki, so maybe this is a big nono, but what would happen if we could create directories with Wiki pages?

Such as

pages/all normal wiki pages.txt
pages/~SuperProject/pages associated with only ~SuperProject.txt

It should be possible to have for instance ~BrainStorming in both pages/ and pages/~SuperProject/ ... I can see where it would be possible to setup multiple Wiki's, but that's not really a integrated solution.

Wiki links could be: [[~SuperProject/~BrainStorming] if a page inside of pages/ wanted to link to a page under ~SuperProject, visa versa, ~SuperProject could link to pages/ via [[/~BrainStorming] but if just [[~BrainStorming] was issued in ~SuperProject, it would relate to itself. Or you could even link to [[/~SuperProject2/~BrainStorming] from ~SuperProject... I think everyone get's the idea I am trying to convey.

Just an idea, Good, bad? Hard? Big change, small change? No way?


Mmmm... This would create some issues with hyperlinking: the whole point of ~MashingWordsTogether is that you can very easily write a link, almost without thinking.  If you would need to remember that ~MashingWordsTogether is under some other page, you get easily into trouble.  Besides, you would typically link to ~BrainStorming only once from the ~SuperProject page, which in turn means that you would have to write the entire name from every other page in the Wiki.

It's probably better to keep a Wiki topical, and run different Wiki-instances for different projects.  If you need a really capable Wiki for a large number of projects, then I sincerely would recommend [TWiki], which can support multible Wiki Webs within the same Wiki instance.  JSPWiki is not quite there yet, and I am not certain whether that is the direction where I want to push.

--[JanneJalkanen], 22-Nov-2002.

At the moment you have to run one JSPWiki instance for each wiki you want to have. E.g. 10 projects -> 10 wikis -> 10 JSPWiki instances. This is a waste of RAM. So I would appreciate a solution where you can configure one data directory for each wiki and run all from one application.


I guess eventually we'll have to do this, then...  However, the waste of RAM is not really that great; the classes themselves do not take that much memory. And you can save quite a lot by taking the different auxiliary libraries (such as [log4j], etc. and putting them into $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext, after which they will be used only once.

--[JanneJalkanen], 24-Dec-2002.

Those interested should take a look at [DirFileSystemProvider], as well.

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