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I'm trying changes to my template's EditTemplate.jsp where I can define content and provide it for insertion into the edit page textarea from a drop-down widget and button. The options in the drop-down would be filled in from a special page with a line for the drop-down name and the page to include when the button is pushed: (Book BookEditTemplate, Organization OrgEditTemplate, Person PersonEditTemplate). I find myself typing the skeleton of pages like this all the time, and I always forget fields when I do it. The button would have to operate using JavaScript, and I am unsure at the moment how it could get access to the wiki pages' text . I hate calling this feature "templates", for obvious reasons. The starting scripts:

         function fillin()
            if( document.forms[0].fillins.value == "book" )

               addFillin("__title__\\\\\n" + "by \\\\\n" + "[Amazon|]\n" + "\n" + "See more [Books]");
            else if( document.forms[0].fillins.value == "biography" )
               addFillin("__Name__\\\\\n" + "\n" + "See more [Biographies]");
            else if( document.forms[0].fillins.value == "organization" )

               addFillin("__Name__\\\\\n" + "\n" + "See more [Organizations]");

         function addFillin(newText)
            document.forms[0].text.value += newText;


         <select name="fillins" >
            <option selected="selected">none</option>
         <input type="button" value="Insert fillin" onClick="fillin()"/>

-- Bradford Holcombe


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