04MAR2004 - Ideas - Question mark location - presence - icon#

I agree that the question mark needs more flexibility. I am working on a wiki that allows full access to comments, but not page content itself. The question marks are useless to most users for me, only for authenticated editors. So, I'd like to see the feature above, where access is allowed only to users with edit permissions. Also, I am having a lot of visual collisions between the fixed "?" character and link text. I have many links that are book titles, for example, where the question mark is part of the title. There is little visual distinction between the title question mark, and the edit link. Since the generated link isn't set off in a CSS class, it is hard to alter it with a style sheet. I can think of some solutions: a setting to place the question mark at the front of the link, adding a style sheet class to the edit link, or adding the option to have the edit link an icon, like the external wiki link icon.

--Bradford Holcombe

04Oct2004 I have written a filter to accomplish part of this. -- Bradford Holcombe


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