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14.10.2003 -- Show a page hierarchy like at

Hello (potential) JSPWiki-PluginWriters.

How about a plugin, which shows a nice page hierarchy like


Sure, I can use zwiki for this feature, but... if anyone outside the world likes it too and (s)he is capable of writing plugins - then maybe I get this feature here, too...

Umm.. the problem with this representation is that a set of wikipages is not a hierarchical structure. It's a bidirectional graph. That said, I'd like to see something based on TouchGraph. I might consider writing one, if I ever get some truly free time. --ebu

Consider VisualizerPlugin combined with QueryPlugin, and instead of generating an applet, running server-side and saving the graph image as a picture for display on the wiki-page. Meets the spirit of the idea, but JohnV questions the utility of this particular idea in general.

actually, the requested feature (a page navigation tree) is possible. However it requires the creation of the tree data for any pages that you want in the tree; although it seems quite worth it as it would create something which is intentionally easier to use than anything based on the somewhat accidental Wiki graph. Which is what motivated me to start the MenuTreePlugin.

The current JSPWiki engine hard-codes table borders to 1 pixel, which makes ugly results when one wants to use CSS to control the layout. The code is in com.ecyrd.jspwiki.TranslatorReader.handleBar:
        if( newLine )
            if( !m_istable )
                sb.append("<TABLE CLASS=\"wikitable\" BORDER=\"1\">\n");
                m_istable = true;
Would that be possible to make this configurable through a property in instead? Some sites might want to set this one to 0 without having to recompile the code. Just a suggestion.
--JC (16sept2003)

Actually, CSS overrides the values set in the code, methinks (and a quick check with Mozilla seems to confirm that). The trouble is, Netscape 4 explodes if we omit the "border" -attribute, since it seems that you can't set it through CSS. So I don't think we can take it away :-(.

-- JanneJalkanen

That's indeed the case, sorry about that. I was not aware of those CSS tags, actually. a page on has some good explanation about that. The code below achieves this (tested in Opera/Mozilla):

TABLE.wikitable { border-collapse: collapse;
                  border: 1px dotted blue;
--JC (20sept2003)

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