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30.07.2003 -- Show Hostname Instead of IP Address#

When an anonymous user edits a page the raw IP address is used as the author. Why not add an option to use the hostname instead (e.g. instead of I've got a patch for 2.0.45 that makes JSPWiki display the hostname. I didn't add a property to but that wouldn't be too hard.

(Sorry if this is already implemented.)

(I originally stuck this at the wrong end of the page, so I thought I should re-submit it.)

Michael McDougall

I guess the reason why I chose to show the IP address instead of the hostname is that I didn't want it to be confused with WikiNames. But yeah, it might be a good idea to add.

-- JanneJalkanen

Because hostnames require a dns lookup this can take some time. I have seen sites where it toke more than 30 seconds to login, due a bad configured dns. Just because someone logged hostnames on a container where you could disable this misfeature.


That's why I suggested making it an option. You can turn it on if you have a reliable DNS setup (for example, the wiki is only used on an intranet). If DNS may be flaky then leave the option off.


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