!!Dec 22, 2002 -- [BorisFolgmann]
!!Offer LeftMenu as sidebar tab

If you ever used [Mozillas|http://www.mozilla.org] or [Netscapes|http://www.netscape.com] sidebar feature, you cannot anymore understand how you could live without it.

I suggest to offer a JSPWiki configuration which puts LeftMenu in the sidebar. Using this you could access all your wikis in a split second.

Here's how to do it:
# Put LeftMenu in a new JSP
# Add target="_content" to every link in the new JSP.
# Remove LeftMenu from the normal pages (because it's already displayed to the left in the sidebar)
# Offer a sidebar.html or .jsp which adds the JSPWiki tab to the sidebar. I can give you the JavaScript code you need for this.

[JanneJalkanen]: Thanks, this is probably a good idea for a new WikiTemplate.  However, we would need to modify the link-generation code for a bit before it can be done (referring to point #2 above).

(Actually, I have used the Mozilla sidebar feature, and I am living happily without it :-).

[BorisFolgmann]: There are Quick Reference tabs for HTML4 or CSS2. It's fantastic. There's no faster way of getting the information about e.g. a certain tag. In Germany there are also a lot of good news sites that provide tabs. You can try  the tab for [LinuxFreak.org|http://www.linuxfreak.org] (english). In general it's comparable to the RDF channels, that JSPWiki supports. I haven't tried them, but if you output them as HTML they should be also a good sidebar tab source.

[JanneJalkanen]: You can actually get the JSPWiki RDF channel in your sidebar.  See [RSSFeedForJSPWiki].

[BorisFolgmann]: I tried that and achieved to get it in my sidebar, but all links point to http://www.theonering.net/staff/corvar/cgi-bin/sidebar.pl, which is obviously not correct. :-(
I looked at the source of 2.0.52, can you add a target parameter to the wiki link tags? If it's possible to set the target of an anchor one could easily develop templates, that make use of the sidebar using target="_content" or HTML frames. Frame structures like that used for displaying JavaDocs could make sense.