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I'm not very good in jsp so i just post this idea instead of develop it myself. my idea is to read all langusge specific visible text from a extra file, where variables for e.g the text [Search Wiki] are stored like search_wiki = Wiki durchsuchen. This variables (here in german) could easy be edited and devolping a language specific jspwiki would be easyier.

--Heinz-Josef Lücking

Yes. We should basically develop language-specific bundles to the different plugins, tags, etc, that cannot be directly edited in a JSPWikiTemplate.

I'll add more once I get my thoughts straight on this matter :-).

-- JanneJalkanen

From mine point of view this should be very easyly be done.

just one basic files called e.g. language_de.jsp (for german language) this file are used by every other files include ... by settings within the like e.g. language_file = language_de and language_default = language_en. That would be all.

sounds easy or?

this language_xx file should just contain variables for specific language support, not more! e.g.
Search_Wiki = Wiki Durchsuchen

One basic file in english i think would be enough to get this working.

--Heinz-Josef Lücking

If you want it really well done, think about a multilingual Wiki, where the user can define the language of the interface.

(But I'm not sure, if that really is of matter, as WikiLinks themselves are language dependend and most of the Wiki content would be language specific anyway ...)


Hey Marc

Your german templates have two (!) zip files. One for the txt-files (very good) and one for the jsp-files

the jsp-file are (1') not that easy and can (2') change by change of this wiki. for those two reasons i think a basic language variable-file would things much more easyier. You made your one translation whith links to names you prefer. This would be a further enhancement to a basic language file; additional links to language specific txt-files with defaults aon english files

the configuration should be easy!!

Heinz-Josef Lücking

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