I've been using JSPWiki for a while now (corporate environment), and have hacked the JSP to fit the look and feel of my website. I found this task to be somewhat tedious and overly complex, and that got me to thinking about what a Wiki tag library would look like. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this could be a substantial advancement for Wikis in general. Other Wikis would probably borrow the syntax.

For example, here's how the editor's page layout might be defined...

     Edit <wiki:title />                                 <wiki:search />

<wiki:content page="LeftMenu" />
                                    <wiki:editor />
Referenced by
<wiki:referrers />
                                    <wiki:content page="TextFormattingRulesShort" />
<wiki:vendor format="medium" />

If I ever have enough free time, I may just attempt a refactoring to the JSPWiki codebase. But perhaps you all will find it a useful ideas as well and beat me to it. ;-)


Looks like I wasn't the first to think of this (see UnifyingPluginsAndTags). Maybe there's hope. ;-) --DarinHawley

Nice Idea.
<wiki:InsertPage page="JSPWiki:EditPageHelp" />

I would like to insert the EditPageHelp from this wiki. Than if enhancements are made there, my wiki would have them. Please change the InsertPage servlet in this way.

I can use an own page with EditPageHelp included the contents over the InsertPagePlugin, but how can i get it worked? --SebastianPetzelberger

I know Amir Guindehi wrote a specialized plugin for that. You might want to ask him... He's usually on the IrcChannel. --JanneJalkanen

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