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Delete old .imap file attachment when imap=false#

Create a graph with imap=true, the .imap file gets created, subsequently update the graph to imap=false, the .imap file is now a "junk" attachment. It'd be great if it was deleted. -JohnV 15-Mar-2007

Good suggestion. I will look into that. I have been thinking to use the attachment "engine" as a basis for other kinds of transformations too - like spreadsheets (tables), and mind maps (flash or applets). -NascifAbousalhNeto, 16-mar-2007

Support remaining JFreeChart chart types#

The following JFreeChart chart types are not supported by the current version of ImageGen plugins:
  • XYBarChart
  • ~Histogram
  • BoxAndWhiskerChart
  • CandlestickChart
  • HighLowChart
  • SignalChart
  • WaferMapChart
  • WindPlot

SnipGraph Limitations#

  • SnipGraph renderers need to be extended to support image height and width customization;
  • The UMLGraph renderer uses too much memory at runtime;
  • The UMLGraph renderer does not support image maps.

SEQUENCE Customization#

  • The SEQUENCE engine supports some level of customization of the generated diagram, but only through the a Java Preferences file. A small change would allow the customization to be manipulated by plugin parameters.

Help Requests/Comments/Notes...#

Can't make ImageGen plugin work#

1) I have downloaded ImageGenPlugin-20060811.jar from and copied it as "ImageGen.jar" to ../../WEB-INF/lib.

2) I have modified to "jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.imagegen,com.zanthan.sequence,com.jps.jspwiki.plugin"

3) I have downloaded "" from site and I have extracted "jfreechart-1.0.3.jar" and "jcommon-1.0.6.jar" from "" and copied them into ../../WEB-INF/lib

4) I have downloaded graph-snipsnap.jar and copied graph-snipsnap.jar into ../../WEB-INF/lib

5) I have downloaded sequence.jar from and copied it to ../../WEB-INF/lib

6) I have downloaded graphviz-2.12.tar.gz from and installed it as per installation instruction from

7) I then re-started my servlet engine but everytime I tried to use the horizontal graph plugin, or vertical graph plugin, or barchart plugin or line chart plugin, or sequence plugin, I get an error as follows depending on which one I used:

Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin HorizontalGraphPlugin
Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin VerticalGraphPlugin
Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin BarChartPlugin
Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin LineChartPlugin
Plugin insertion failed: Could not find plugin SequencePlugin

Is there something I missed?

I think this is a problem with your searchPath. This is the one I use, note the imageGen package names:
jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.defects,org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.imagegen.jfreechart,org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.imagegen.sequence,

Also, please note that the current supported version for JFreeChart is 1.0.1. Let me know if it works for you with 1.0.3, but you might have API changes related problems. I know, I am due an update for ImageGen for months now... I will try to get around it soon.

Thanks very much for this, Nascif. When I put the new search path, everything worked. It also worked for version 1.0.3 of JFree. Again, many thanks!!
Later note; JFreeChart 1.0.4 also seems to work just fine...

LineChartPlugin or XYLineChartPlugin, How to get markers like used by the ScatterPlotChartPlugin? (Or using ScatterPlotChartPlugin, how to get lines between the markers?)#

It seems like this should be a doable thing; perhaps I'm just being exceptionally dense... All I want are the marker blips to be shown on a line chart... I don't really want to use a scatter-plot... Any Ideas? -JohnV 18-Mar-2007

Hi John,
In ImageGen I tried to surface as many of the JFreeChart arguments I could. I just reflect what you set on the plugin argument list to the corresponding JFreeChart entity (plot, chart, etc.) so your best bet is to check the JFreeChart documentation to see in more detail what the options do and which ones are available (note also that I coded ImageGen against the 1.0.1 version, and the current one, 1.0.4, might have new options). If a desired option is available and setting it doesn't work, it is probably a bug in ImageGen; if it is not available, let me know and I will surface it in a future release.

Back to your problem, I was not able to find an option directly related to making markers in LineChartPlugin; the closest option that I could find were the 'rangecrosshairs' parameters, but I was not able to get them to work - so I added them to my 'bugs to fix' list. On the other hand, I was able to get vertical lines to display on the line chart using the parameters domaingridlinesvisible='true' domaingridlinepaint='black'. I know it is not exactly what you wanted but it allows you to have a better grasp of the value points.

NascifAbousalhNeto - 21-mar-2007

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