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JFreeChart is a free Java class library for generating charts. It is used by many top open source projects including StatCvs and JBoss.

JFreeChart Plugins#

Package: org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.imagegen.jfreechart

JFreeChart Syntax #

The syntax used to describe JFreeChart data is a simple extension of the standard comma-separated-values (CSV) format. In general, you can define a chart just by providing its data as a list of CSV lines. For example:

Testing, 10, 34, 56
Implementation, 23, 55, 66
'Usability study', 12, 45, 5

The wiki markup syntax is also supported; table headers are ignored.

Some charts also use data information to name data series or categories; in that case the data will be nested, which is indicated by prefixing it with one or more '*'. For example:

* 'Design', 3-2001, 4-2001, 0.7
* 'Implementation', 4-2001, 6-2001, 0
** 'First task', 4-2001, 5-2001, 0
** 'Second task', 5-2001, 6-2001, 0.4

* 'Test1', 5-2001, 6-2001, 0.1
* 'Test2', 6-2001, 7-2001, 0.3
* 'Test3', 7-2001, 7-2001, 0.8

You may also need to specify metadata information to introduce column names and types (if non-numeric). A metadata definition is a line that starts with ':'. It is also read as a CSV line: each value specifies a column and values are separated by ','. A column definition is a name, followed by an optional '|', followed by a type indicator - one of "String", "Number" (the default) or a time period name ("Year", "Quarter", "Month", "Week", "Day", "Hour", "Minute" or "Millisecond"). Time periods may in turn be followed by a date format string as defined in the Java SimpleDateFormat. For example:

:Country|String, V1, V2, V3 
France, 13, 15, 26

02/01/2006,0, 	3, 	6, 	13
02/02/2006,0, 	3, 	6, 	10
02/03/2006,0, 	5, 	9, 	11

See the plugin pages for specific examples.

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