required, the name of the graph, will be used as the root name for the file attachments generated by the plugin.
optional, defaults to 'false', set to 'true' to have an image map generated (assuming the associated library supports it). In that case, node names will be interpreted as wiki page names.
optional, defaults to 'false', set to 'true' to have tooltips generated (assuming the associated library supports it).
optional, defaults to the current page and is the page to which the generated data files are attached.
optional, defaults to 'png'. It indicates the image format generated. It must be a supported output type by the graphical application or library, and it must be displayable using the HTML img tag. In this context, png, jpg, and gif are the most useful.
optional, the name of the attachment file that contains the graph data.
required, unless source is specified. The plugin body should contain the graph data, in the appropriate syntax for the specific plugin. It might contain nested plugin invocations; those are evaluated and the resulting data is used. Note that the plugin must return data in the expected graph data syntax, not in HTML. See this example for details.

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