This plugin is a fork of the ImageMap plugin originally developed by Sebastian Baltes.

Besides fixing some compatibility issues with the most recent (2.4.x) JSPWiki API, this version also adds support for tooltips using the overLIB library. This is quite useful as the tooltips can contain wiki markup, including links to other pages, lists, etc.

  1. Download overLIB (this plugin used version 4.2.1);
    1. (optional) Download overLIB plugins to support additional functionality. Check this site for a list of nice ones.
  2. Install the overlib files in your wiki webapps directory in a directory called scripts/overlib;
    1. Make sure you give the directory and files the proper permissions;
  3. copy the ImageMapPlus jar file to your webapp /WEB-INF/lib directory;
  4. (optional) Add the package name org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.imagemapplus to your searchPath property in the file.
  5. Reload the wiki.
The supported plugin parameters are:
Name Description Necessity
image URL or attachment name of the image required
align center, left, right optional (none)
width size of the image optional
height size of the image optional
plugins comma-separated list of overLIB plugin libraries to be added to the page header. optional

The body is used to define the <AREA> entries in the image map. Each entry starts with the area definition, beginning in the first column, followed (optionally) by multiple lines defining the tooltip. The tooltip definition lines MUST be indented on the third column using spaces (i.e., each line must start with two spaces).

The general format is like:

<LINK> ; [<SHAPE> : ] <COORD>[ , <COORD> [...] ]


Token Meaning Values
LINK where the image map area will link to a valid URL or a wiki name
SHAPE the shape of the image map area; if not present, it will be derived from the number of coordinates rect, circle or poly
COORD one of the coordinates of the image map area a valid image map coordinate.
TOOLTIP_CONFIG one or more overLIB configuration arguments, separated by commas. The configuration lines must start with the marker //. a valid overLIB configuration arguments.
TOOLTIP_TEXT tooltip body any valid wiki markup.

(to see the result, click on the attached image file)

[{org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.imagemapplus.ImageMapPlus image='deutschland.png' plugins='bubble'

  Yo, this is a popup
  With no options.
  // STICKY, CAPTION, 'My Sticky With Caption!'
  And some text too.
  And some text too, and Links!
  * One
  * OverLibRocks!
  * LeftMenu
  A bubble popup (supported by a plugin).
Added support for overLIB plugins. See the plugin documentation for adittional configuration options supported.
Original version.

Has anybody got this to work with the brushed template?

--DaveP, 19-Apr-2007

Hi Dave, I always use Brushed Template, and it was working just fine with it. But I have not yet upgraded (and tested) with the latest version. I am going to soon, though.

--NascifAbousalhNeto, 19-Apr-2007

FYI, there seems to be a conflict between the use of overLIB in the plugin and the onMouseOver of the template. The result is that if I put a tip on an imagemap, I get a non-terminated string error in the resultant page. Haven't been able to find a work around so I haven't been able to use the Brushed templates on wikis that use ImageMapPlus features.

--DaveP, 08-May-2007

Thanks for the feedback. I will investigate when I move to the new version - so far I am still trying to install a more recent version of JSPWiki.I am stuck with security and permissions problems. --NascifAbousalhNeto, 8-May-2007

The first entry in the map seems to be ignored; I've taken to creating a dummy there. Here's my test:
[{ImageMapPlus width='750' height='337' image='SSM_to_Sabre_seq.png'
  // STICKY, CAPTION, 'dummy page'
  // STICKY, CAPTION, 'testing'
  Plano, CDC<, etc.
  // STICKY, CAPTION, 'testing 2'
  I can't believe it.

I used to get a <pre>...</pre> containing the names of any plugins I specify. I got an empty block of <pre> when I specify no plugin. The 7/31/2006 .jar doesn't have the "<pre>...</pre>" code in it.

--JerryAndrews, 13-Aug-2007

The generated script-Tag for the overlib library has a relative path

<script src="scripts/overlib/overlib.js" type="text/javascript">

This does not work with the ShortViewURLConstructor. -- StefanBohn, 12-Jan-2009

Are there any updates to work with the newest version 2.6.x ?

--AnonymousCoward, 05-Feb-2008

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