This plugin is a fork of the [ImageMap|ImageMapPlugin] plugin originally developed by [Sebastian Baltes].

Besides fixing some compatibility issues with the most recent (2.4.x) JSPWiki API, this version also adds support for tooltips using the [overLIB|OverLib] library. This is quite useful as the tooltips can contain wiki markup, including links to other pages, lists, etc.


# [Download|] overLIB (this plugin used version 4.2.1);
## ''(optional)'' Download overLIB plugins to support additional functionality. Check this [site|] for a list of nice ones.
# Install the overlib files in your wiki webapps directory in a directory called {{scripts/overlib}};
## Make sure you give the directory and files the proper permissions;
# copy the ImageMapPlus jar file to your webapp /WEB-INF/lib directory;
# ''(optional)'' Add the package name {{org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.imagemapplus}} to your searchPath property in the {{}} file. 
# Reload the wiki.

The supported plugin parameters are:
||Name 	 ||Description 	 ||Necessity
|image 	URL or attachment name of the image 	|required
|align 	|center, left, right 	|optional (none)
|width 	|size of the image 	|optional
|height 	|size of the image 	|optional
|plugins 	|comma-separated list of [overLIB plugin libraries|] to be added to the page header. |optional

The body is used to define the {{<AREA>}} entries in the image map. Each entry starts with the area definition, beginning in the first column, followed (optionally) by multiple lines defining the tooltip. The tooltip definition lines {{MUST}} be indented on the third column using spaces (i.e., each line must start with two spaces).

The general format is like:
<LINK> ; [<SHAPE> : ] <COORD>[ , <COORD> [...] ]

|| Token || Meaning || Values
| {{LINK}} | where the image map area will link to | a valid URL or a wiki name 
| {{SHAPE}} | the shape of the image map area; if not present, it will be derived from the number of coordinates | {{rect}}, {{circle}} or {{poly}}
| {{COORD}} | one of the coordinates of the image map area | a valid [image map coordinate|].
| {{TOOLTIP_CONFIG}} | one or more overLIB configuration arguments, separated by commas. The configuration lines must start with the marker {{//}}. | a valid [overLIB configuration arguments|].
| {{TOOLTIP_TEXT}} | tooltip body | any valid wiki markup.


(to see the result, click on the attached image file)

[{org.nascif.jspwiki.plugin.imagemapplus.ImageMapPlus image='deutschland.png' plugins='bubble'

  Yo, this is a popup
  With no options.
  // STICKY, CAPTION, 'My Sticky With Caption!'
  And some text too.
  And some text too, and Links!
  * One
  * OverLibRocks!
  * LeftMenu
  A bubble popup (supported by a plugin).


;20060801: Added support for overLIB plugins. See the plugin documentation for adittional configuration options supported.
;20060731: Original version.




Has anybody got this to work with the brushed template?

--DaveP, 19-Apr-2007

Hi Dave, I always use Brushed Template, and it was working just fine with it. But I have not yet upgraded (and tested) with the latest version. I am going to soon, though.

--NascifAbousalhNeto, 19-Apr-2007



FYI, there seems to be a conflict between the use of overLIB in the plugin and the onMouseOver of the template. The result is that if I put a tip on an imagemap, I get a non-terminated string error in the resultant page. Haven't been able to find a work around so I haven't been able to use the Brushed templates on wikis that use ImageMapPlus features.

--DaveP, 08-May-2007

Thanks for the feedback. I will investigate when I move to the new version - so far I am still trying to install a more recent version of JSPWiki.I am stuck with security and permissions problems.
--NascifAbousalhNeto, 8-May-2007

The first entry in the map seems to be ignored; I've taken to creating a dummy there.  Here's my test:
[{ImageMapPlus width='750' height='337' image='SSM_to_Sabre_seq.png'
  // STICKY, CAPTION, 'dummy page'
  // STICKY, CAPTION, 'testing'
  Plano, CDC<, etc.
  // STICKY, CAPTION, 'testing 2'
  I can't believe it.

I used to get a <pre>...</pre> containing the names of any plugins I specify.  I got an empty block of <pre> when I specify no plugin.  The 7/31/2006 .jar doesn't have the "<pre>...</pre>" code in it.

--JerryAndrews, 13-Aug-2007


The generated script-Tag for the overlib library has a relative path 
<script src="scripts/overlib/overlib.js" type="text/javascript">

This does not work with the ShortViewURLConstructor.
-- StefanBohn, 12-Jan-2009



Are there any updates to work with the newest version 2.6.x ?

--AnonymousCoward, 05-Feb-2008