Q: How can I create image maps that point within my wiki?

Details: Inlining html to include an image and an associated image map works just fine, as long as the addresses in the map are simple addresses like http://www.jspwiki.org/. But an address like http://www.jspwiki.org/Wiki.jsp?page=Main fails, maybe due to the non-alfanumeric characters? Any suggestion for how I can create image map links within the wiki?

We run JSPWiki Engine Version 2.0.52.


-- GeorgR├Žder

Details: test

-- Raimis


Enabling inlined HTML is not the optimal solution, and is not really meant for anything complex. I would suggest that you turn off CamelCase links, because it's likely that those are now conflicting. CamelCase and InliningRawHTML do not really play nicely together.

-- JanneJalkanen


Use the ImageMapPlugin that allows the user to enter the coordinates directly in the wiki page plugin code or to use a html based wizard for creating new links. -- SebastianBaltes

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