The ImageRowPlugin is basically the Image plugin, but we wanted to put in a horizontal row of images, and they weren't rendering well with Image, so this plugin solves it.

Creates a horizontal row of images from the given src(s) with the given caption(s), allowing the same features as Image, but also with the given cell_width controlling the width of the caption and image combined. The image and the caption will horizontally center within this cell_width space.

by KeithDavidson, 24 Aug 2004, but heavily borrowed from Image Plugin


src = 'Image source1[, Image source2, ... ]'
These can either be full URLs (http://..) or WikiAttachment. names. Required (at least one).
align = 'left|right|center'
The row alignment.
height = 'integer'
Force the height of the image(s).
width = 'integer'
Force the width of the image(s).
cell_width = 'integer'
Force the width of the invisible box containing the image and it's caption. Although the browser may squash this to the image width anyway if there is not enough room. This basically allows control of the caption width. The image and the caption will horizontally center within this space.
alt = 'alt text'
The alt text of an image. (Oops, I forgot to make this a list too, sorry! You can still use this, but the alt will be the same for each image.) This is very useful when doing pages that can be navigated with text-only browsers.
caption = 'caption text1[, caption text2, ... ]'
The text(s) that should be shown as a caption under (each of) the image(s).
link = 'hyperlink'
A hyperlink (http://..). In the future, you can also use WikiPages.. (Oops, I forgot to make this a list too, sorry!)
border = 'integer'
Size of the image border(s).
style = 'style info'
Any style markup you would like to apply to the table surrounding the image(s).


[{ImageRow src='SandBox/test1.png,SandBox/test2.png,SandBox/test3.png' caption='Testing Image1,Testing Image2,Testing Image3' style='font-size: 120%; color: green;'}]

Shows a row of attachments SandBox/test1.png, etc with the captions Testing Image1, etc underneath it. The text is 120% in height and will be rendered in green color.

[{ImageRow src='' 

Shows the Yahoo online / offline graphic and creates a link to Yahoo send message


To install ImageRowPlugin using the ImageRow.jar(info):

  1. Extract the ImageRow.jar(info) into WEB-INF/lib.
  2. Add this line to your WEB-INF/ file:
jspwiki.plugin.searchPath =
  1. Restart JSPWiki.


  1. Build it directly from the

Hi,man, I have two wiki running on the same which are JSPWiki and avon. I try to let avon show an image by ImageRow in this way: [{
src='' caption='Testing Image1'
style='font-size: 120%; color: green;'}]

But I can't get the image showed and I found the unshowed image URL is

It seems images must be attatched first? -- Liu Xiao Gang

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