This plugin allows one to upload an large image e.g. from your digicam and have them resized on the server to save bandwith.
As it is a copy of the ImagePlugin and the AttachementServlet the handling is very similar to them.

I have had to copy them as the current structure doesnt allow me to clean inherit them. If you like this plugin, but want a cleaner solution, i could change the ImagePlugin and the AttachementServlet accordingly.

Newest version: imagex-0.6.jar(info) 2004-09-09 Use the jspwiki work directory for the persistent cache. This simplifies the configuration a little bit. Though, you could still use the "imageCache" parameter to override this behaviour.


  • resize
 [{ImageX src='P7100003.JPG' width='640'}] 
  • convert
 [{ImageX src='P7100003.JPG' width='640' type='image/x-png'}] 
  • rotate
 [{ImageX src='P7100003.JPG' width='640' rotate='90'}] 

and all other parameters provided by the ImagePlugin. If you omit one of width/height the picture is resized by save its proprtions.


0. remove your old imagex.jar or imagex-x.y.jar

1. drop imagex-x.y.jar into WEB-INF/lib

2. if wanted, add 'org.stringfellow.jspwiki' to your plugin search path:
e.g jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = org.stringfellow.jspwiki

3. Add the image resizer servlet to your web.xml




4. configure the servlet parameters:
useCache (required if you want to use a cache): true/false imageCache (optional): the path where the images should be cached. set it if you dont want to use the jspwiki work direcotry. imageLifetime (optional): if the image wasnt accessed for the given number of days it will be deleted from the cache

5. if you are on an unix box and do not have/do not want to use an x11 server - you could add

to your application-server startup script (if not already done so)

See also there you will find the source and watch the plugin in action


Note that in 2.1 CVS JSPWiki provides a directory for cache usage. You can also use OSCache for caching things... --JanneJalkanen

Thanks! 0.6 now uses this directory. I have to dig into OSCache to see if it is able to handle my needs. --MarioIvankovits

Just noticed that ImageX only works with the standard URL form of /Wiki.jsp?page=MyPage. If you use the ShortURLConstructor then the src HREFs produced by the plugin don't match with the url required by the image servlet. --DaveSB

Just some ideas:
Especially for MereMortals who don't know how to resize images, this could be an ease of use: What would be helpful is that you could indicate in an max-image-width. If you put the image name in brackets (inline syntax), the ImageX plugin could be used to resize the image in case it's original width exeeds the max-image-width value, so the layout does not get screwed.

This normally happens if a MereMortal uploads his 6 Megapixel Image directly from his DigiCam. On clicking on that image the original sized image gets displayed (something thats missing in the current Implementation of the ImageXPlugin.) --Christoph Sauer

Ok, i've just modified the ImageX.jpg a little bit. If you now click on the image, and no link is provided it will point to the originally sized image. I used the 0.7 source of Mario.

-- ChristophSauer, 11-Nov-2005

Updated my ImageX modification to use an absolute URL to link to the generator servlet as workaround for a bug in the new ShortURLConstructor. You have to set the baseURL for this to work in the

-- ChristophSauer, 10-Feb-2006

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