On this page we collect information about import, export and migration of JSPwiki pages from/to other Wiki engines and document management systems.

  • Export of JSPWiki Pages to WordPress - JSPWiki version 2.0.52 proven to be a great Java open-source product. It worked well out of the box, was stable, had no bugs (that I hit at least), was easy to compile and debug. I was also able to make many changes and patches to tune it's behavior. The most importantly - it is very well designed allowing even junior Java programmer to make changes after a very short learning curve. Great job, Janne Jalkanen.

    We had to move to WordPress at the request of our editors and we miss JSPWiki already! In the post above you can find the discussion of the various issues we faced during the migration and the solutions that were found to complete the task.

There are more engines than wordpress, I am personally interested to import wikis that depends on databases, like Ktomics. Any ideas?

--JALAL, 14-Jul-2007


You can:

  1. stop JSPWiki
  2. add text files (Wiki coded, the file name is the Wiki name of the page) in the data directory of JSPWiki (e.g. jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir = /p/web/www-data/jspwiki/)
  3. you then simply delete the Lucene search directory (if work directory is not temporary, i.e. jspwiki.workDir is defined)
  4. restart JSPWiki: Lucene is automatically invoked to recreate its indexes (including the new text files)

To generate the text files, you have to comply with the JSPWiki Text Formatting Rules and you may have to protect the character sequences corresponding to a JSPWiki command.

The following experiment can help you with this:

  • Punctuation signs without problems: > & | @ " ( § ! } ) - ^ ¨ ] ` ´ + / : ; . , ?
  • Punctuation signs posing a problem only if HTML tags are allowed: <
  • Punctuation signs posing a problem even when single: [ ~
  • Punctuation signs posing a problem when doubled: '' {{ }} __ %% \\
  • When a punctuation is tripled, quadrupled, etc, you must protect only the first one:
    • triples: ''' {{{ }}} ___ [[[ %%% ~~~ \\\
    • quadruples: '''' {{{{ }}}} ____ [[[[ %%%% ~~~~ \\\\
(simply Edit this page to see the escape sequences used in the above lines)

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