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RefactorMe, please. This page is mostly obsolete.

Adding pictures to www-server should be easy too. Maybe sharing some specific dir with samba or sending mail to bot, something simple (and fast) to use, since if our plans come true our customers should also be able to add images. But maybe this is not a Wiki issue.


I fear that allowing people to upload pictures may be not only a security risk, but it can be also somewhat problematic to handle. It's easy to make an upload servlet, though.


Allowing picture uploads might end up with a pr0n site pretty quick =). Locally, for in-house use, the inline: link and a disk share for images should be easy enough. For more distributed sites, the upload servlet should be easy enough to integrate with Tomcat. Let us know (or edit the page) if you implement authentication, ok?


FYI: I implemented a Samba disk share for images in Oulu. It works fine for our internal use. The best solution for customers could be drag an drop or Browse an image to uploadservlet. Anyway we need pictures for documents.


01-10-01: Okay, here's an interesting question: What sort of an alignment should the images have? Currently they have no alignment at all, which effectively means that they are good for just inlining images. But if you want your text to wrap around them smoothly (by using <img align="left">) you end up with the inlined images (like bullet points) being useless.

Any ideas?


Expanding the image thing: How about allowing relative image links that work just as the normal Wiki links? Clicking on an undefined link would take the user to image upload, which would allow for uploading the image to Wiki file space, not to be dependent on other servers.


How do I take an image and have it work like a link to another page inside of wiki?

--Anonymoushippie, 05-Jan-2007

Check out the Image plugin. You just use a 'link' attribute containing the URL you want as the target of the link. I use this to link from image thumbnails to the large images, e.g.,

  [{Image src='images/picasso_thumb.png' 
          alt='link to full size image of Guernica' 
You can also add 'alt' text, captions, etc. I also modified jspwiki.css for captions so they are small, italic, and underneath the image.

-- MurrayAltheim

Q When png is configured as inline image, how do I display a link to the image instead of an inline image.

-- Anonymous, 14-Aug-2009

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