Insert all or part of a referenced page into the calling page.

Version 2.1.x and above.#

Prior to 2.1.x you can use either of the contributed plugins: InsertPagePlugin or TranscludePlugin.


  • page -
  • style -
  • maxlength -
  • class -
  • section -
  • default -


see: HowToInsertAPage.

Comment: In regard to the enhancement requests below, as of 2.2.28 I assume from HowToInsertAPage that the plugin only counts the number of horizontal rules. Is this correct, or does this refer to one of the two older plugin variants? -- Gregor Hagedorn, 2005-09-05

Possible Enhancements#

Enhance section parameter to understand ranges and lists of section numbers. For example this sort of thing: section='1,3,6-9'. Probably a fringe feature, but possibly useful.

Enhance section parameter to understand !!!Headers as sections. In 2.1.x !!!Headers generate named anchors (see IdeasInPageHyperlinks). This could ultimatly be more useful than numbered sections. Hmm, should a !!!Header indicated section span across !!Headers? Is this at all clear to anyone what is meant by this? --JohnV

I think it's clear: You mean that any !!Header sections following a !!!Header should be considered to nest in (belong to) the !!!Header section. I definitely agree that they should span that way. It would be nice if one could have access to even finer-grained sections, in particular !!Header sections (and any of their nested !Header sections), the !Header sections themselves, and maybe even ;Header: sections.

By the way, I think these named section-references (instead of the current numeric section-references) will be brilliant, and I can barely wait for their release! Even more than that, the aggregate plugin is going to be a hugely powerful thing, getting us close to wiki as database which, IMHO, is going to make wikis even much more formidable as a knowledge management tool. -- DanHoward, 04-feb28

I've posted an update for the old InsertPagePlugin that i feel could be a great improvement for this feature. Basically i am adding support for inclusion been selected to be plain or having a css style added to it so it can be highlited
Max Amato 22/12/2004

For a simplified transclusion syntax, see also: InsertPlugin

Anyone notice when inserting a page that has !!!Header sections that if the main page has a TableOfContents, the headings from the inserted page are not added to the TOC? Is this by design? -- StevenCherry 05/07/2008

Yes. It would be rather complicated to fix this. So unfortunately the TableOfContentsPlugin cannot include headers from the included pages.

-- JanneJalkanen

Renaming inserted pages does not update references in inserting pages.
This can be dangerous because you can silently corrupt displayed information.
--SergioDiMarco, 18 Jun 08
Inserted pages are reported as unused pages (if not used elsewhere).
This is pretty annoying.
--SergioDiMarco, 18 Jun 08

Variables or Page Aliases not supported?#

It seems that InsertPage does not work with variables or aliases.

--AnonymousCoward, 07-Jul-2010 02:52

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