Insert Version Plugin#

See also VersionLabel

Normally, all links on a wiki page point to the latest version of a page. The purpose of this plugin is to inject, after each link, a version link which points to a specific version of that page based on some criteria.
--DF, July 05

The plugin supports following criteria :

  • Link to the most recent page version referring another page (refersTo criteria)
  • Link to the most recent page version containing some metadata (see WikiVariables, HowToAssignAVariable) I.o.w., the page contains something like [{SET aParam='someValue' }]

This allows you to baseline a set of pages and easily go back in time and reconstruct a consistent set of those pages. For example: pages could have a certain status info like draft, review, approved, stable. This plugin would allow you to look at all stable pages.


The InsertVersionPlugin is similar to the InsertPage Plugin : it inserts the contents of another page and injects version links to page versions matching the criteria parameters of the plugin.

[{brushed.jspwiki.versionplugin.InsertVersion page="UseCaseIndex" status="Approved" }]
[{InsertVersion page="UseCaseIndex" refersTo="Approved" }]
[{InsertVersion page="UseCaseIndex" status="Approved" }]

[{InsertVersion page="UseCaseIndex" status="Approved" 
linkStyle='background:yellow; font-size:83%; vertical-align:super;' }]


  • page : Name of the page. Mandatory
  • refersTo : Match agains page versions which refer to this page name. Optional (*)
  • <metadata> : Metadata (name='value') to match against the page version. Any name different from the other parameters will do. Optional (*)
  • linkClass : CSS class name to format the inserted links. The class definition should appear in your jspwiki.jss. Optional, default is insertVersionLink
  • linkStyle : CSS style to format the inserted links. Optional.

(*) Either refersTo or <metadata> have to be present. Otherwise the plugin will raise an exception.

Warning: this plugin will take some time since it has to walk through ALL versions of all referred pages. Especially if the criteria is not matched earlier. Since JSPWiki makes a new version on every edit, this could be quite some work. Be patient.

The injected version link

  • links to the matched version of the page: Wiki.jsp?page=<name>&version=<nn>.
  • shows the relative offset versus the latest version inside square brackets (eg. [-4] )
  • has a tooltip with the matched criteria: copy of the refersTo link or the metadata
  • is not visible when none of the versions matches the plugin criteria

Example output (with example formatting)#

  • some link to a page which has no versions matching the plugin criteria
  • some other link [=] to a page of which the latest version matches the plugin criteria
  • some more link [-3] to a page of which the 3rd last version matches the plugin criteria.

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