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This is how the JSPWiki is installed and configured at Aformatik. Here are all the questions we came up with and their decisions. We think it could be usefull for beginners and advanced users could give their hints here.

Also this is a protokoll for us at Aformatik how we installed the JSPWiki and why we did it this way.

We did a default installation with the last stable version and it worked fine. But shortly after this we came up with some individual wishes. We decide to install it new and configure it well.

Which version should we use?#

We will use the newest version.
  • Pro: We want some individual settings which will use newer featuers or which will came up with them. Silly enchancing old code.
  • Contra: Wiki might have problems and would not be stable.
We don't have much traffic on our wiki at the beginning. Later we are sure to get the wiki stable. We get good help at IrcChannel.

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