Apache Tomcat Deployment on Ubuntu or Debian goto Tomcat#

Another Debian Setup Method#

As the Debian way of managing Linux gets more attention I'd like to see a more recent version of the Debian package, e.g. the nightly build in unstable configuration.

I have installed Tomcat by "apt-get install tomcat5.5". This led to a very conservative configuration in terms of security. I had to perform 4 changes in order to get JSPWiki running:

1. create a directory /p, change the owner to "tomcat55"

2. change in /etc/init.d/tomcat5.5



3. change in /etc/init.d/tomcat5.5

from >find "$CATALINA_BASE"/temp/ -mindepth 1 -exec rm -f {} +<

to   >find "$CATALINA_BASE"/temp/ -mindepth 1 -exec rm -fr {} +<

4. change Tomcat to UTF-8

Also if you go for container managed authentication the explenation in Checklist For Container Managed Authentication has to be adapted as follows:

  • do not change catalina.policy, instead drop jspwiki.policy into the folder /etc/tomcat5.5/policy.d/
    • it gets copied to catalina.policy at Tomcat startup
  • you may omit the setting of CATALINA_OPTS


1. The default page directory#

The "/" root directory is by default not accessable to user tomcat55 while dropping the downloaded JSPWiki.war file tries to create /p/web/www-data/jspwiki. Alternatively you may start JSPWiki in tomcat, ignoring the error that tomcat connot start it. This will extract the .war file giving you access to change WEB-DE/jspwiki.properties. BTW: I would recommend to fallback creating the default where java.io.tmpdir is pointing to.

2. Java security#

Using the Java security manager would hinder JSPWiki from start leading to some security exceptions. BTW: If I do have the time I will investigate this subject as many people feel afraid these days switching off security. Currently I don't.

3. Lucene temp files#

Lucene is creating folders in Tomcats temp-dir. If you do not recursively delete the content from tomcats temp-dir tomcat fails to restart. To my opinion this seems to be a debian packaging/installation error. However, I do not know where to report this bug.

4. UTF-8 is not the default when installed with apt-get install#

--Rolf Schumacher, 06-Oct-2007

It turns out that all the way up to Gutsy - because it doesn't deploy a *.war file it stuff up.

Suppose you go

apt-get install jspwiki

Then you still need to create:

with the following contents
    Context configuration file for the JSPWiki

<Context path="/jspwiki" docBase="/usr/share/jspwiki"
   debug="0" privileged="true" allowLinking="true">

Then do

/etc/init.d/tomcat5.5 restart

Before you can really do anything. This is effectively a bug in the Debian/Ubuntu package distribution.

This page is really useful too :http://roshan18.wordpress.com/2007/11/18/using-servlets-in-ubuntu-gutsy-gibbon/

--AnonymousCoward, 24-May-2008

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