InterWikiLink is a way to link to other Wikis. On this Wiki, the syntax is simply:

[name of the wiki:page on that wiki]

So, for example, if you want to link to the original Wiki on Portland Pattern Repository, just say: WikiWikiWeb:WelcomeVisitors, or to TWiki, say TWiki:Main.

A list of available InterWiki links can also be seen on the SystemInfo page.

Available InterWiki links
WikiWikiWeb -->, JSPWiki -->, Doc -->, Wikipedia -->, TWiki -->, Google -->, MeatballWiki -->, Edit --> Edit.jsp?page=%s

You can also see some useful InterWikiLinkTips.

Is there any way for a user to add new interwiki references?

-- Dan Allen - 2003-07-04

No, this has to be done by the administrator.

-- Janne Jalkanen

I think the name InterWiki link may be a bit of a misnomer. While they may have originally been intended to specifically link to other Wikis, they are more flexible than that, and I find that they actually function very will as simple server aliases.

For example, I may have an apache server that has a docs directory in its root, plus a number of different documentation sets for various software. Let's say that within my Wiki I want to have a list of links to each set of documentation. By setting up the InterWiki link, I can keep my links to those resources much less verbose and easier to maintain. Not only that, but if my server suddenly changes, then I have to change it in one spot instead of several.

I find that the following:

[Docs A|Docs:/a]
[Docs B|Docs:/b]

Is much more preferrable than:

[Docs A|]
[Docs B|]

Blank Site:

jspwiki.interWikiRef.NewHttp=http:%s" TARGET="_blank

Regardless, it is a feature that I like quite a bit, even if I use it in a slightly different manner than it was intended for. -- RobSeegel

Well, yeah. Even in the default distro there's an Edit: -InterWiki link for pointing at the editor of any page. So you're using it quite in the same way as it was intended :-). --Janne Jalkanen

It would be nice if the LinkTo tag also respected InterWiki links. With the same motivation as the commenter above, having LinkTo do InterWiki allows templates to cross Wiki boundaries more easily.

-- tomo andy

I very much endorse the comment above. Since Janne just broke the existing templates anyways with 2.3.45. (Refactored:) Please discuss how a better Link tag could be devised, see New Link Tag Specification! -- Gregor Hagedorn, Nov. 2005


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