We're now using Bugzilla as the issue/bug tracking system. Therefore it's good to list some of the issues that you might end up facing.

What are the bug severities?#

Please see BugCriticality for more information.

What do these different NEW, ASSIGN, etc mean?#

When a bug is reported, it's state is "NEW". This is before anyone has actually looked into it. It also gets assigned a person, who's supposed to be looking at it to determine where it really goes to.

After the bug has been bounced around among different people, someone will grab the bug by ASSIGNing it to himself. This means that he's at least thinking about fixing it.

Once the bug is fixed (or ignored), the author marks it RESOLVED, and the resolution can be either FIXED, WORKSFORME, or a number of other things. But that means he won't touch the bug again.

Then, anyone can mark it VERIFIED (as in the resolution has been verified as correct), after which it can be CLOSED.

Can I work on a bug?#

Sure! Go ahead, you can assign any bug to yourself - you can even grab something that someone else has already assigned to themselves! Though, it might be a good idea to post a comment about why you want to do that or email the person...

I don't know Java/Javascript/HTML enough - do you have any use for me?#

Absolutely! Aside from bug reporters, we also need people who're willing to look into the existing bug reports and confirm them on different platforms. We also need people who're willing to download the latest code, and confirm that the fixes work (by marking them VERIFIED). And, we of course need people who look at the codes and find duplicates!

How do I link to a bug within JSPWiki#

On the JSPWiki main site, you can always link to a bug by using the "Bug:" prefix. For example:


creates a link to Bug #2 (No InterWiki reference defined in properties for Wiki called "Bug"!).

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