Jérôme Duprez's user page#


Hello my name is Jérôme Duprez.

I live in the south of France; I used to be a java developer, a good one indeed, but I'm gradually moving to a functional validation role around various IT systems, with less and less time to do really fun and interesting things.

I have a couple of aliases too:

  • JDuprez is shorter to type, and is my JDC pseudonym.
  • Jethrie is my newsgroup alias, and a way to contact me too...
  • JeromeDuprez is a temporary page for rough times when UTF_8 display goes wrong (happened to create it when I lost the password for my main identity :o/)

Me and Wikis#

I discovered the Wiki concept thanks to Ward Cunningham's wiki, a.k.a. WikiWikiWeb, and was introduced to JSPWiki in my former mission, where it was used as a "free collaborative internal content site", in a team which was among other roles meant to provide guidance to other development teams. JSPWiki was used to:

  • gather documentation for use internal to the team
  • polish draft guidance documents before transitioning them to a more official site for usage by other teams

Since then, I have been using JSPWiki as a project-wide contents site, both to:

  • track project-wide documentation and resources
  • track project progress (with pages such as Status, Tasks, Todo, Activity Report,...)
  • publish and evolve draft document that eventually graduate to "official"

Me and JSPWiki#

Anyway, I am a fervent supporter of the Wiki model, and a satisfied user of JSPWiki in particular, although I wish it could evolve towards more document management features (templates, drafts, promotion), and possibly include project management features as well. I am not sure I have the skills and time to contribute to the technical part of such evolutions, but I have plenty of will as a MereMortal.

Me and my secret plans here#

I plan to contribute to refactoring and promoting the support pages on this site. The built-in versionning system will be your friend to reset my damages if any...

I also plan to open a few pages about Wiki Patterns, and WikiPractices, something intermediate between the JspWiki tips and the somewhat intimidating Visions :o) There the open editing scheme will be my friend to benefit from your edits.

All that, of course, as soon as I have some spare time (that is, as I frequently tell my coworkers, never).

Sketch for the WikiPatterns page:


TODO intent of this page

TODO related pages (Visions, WikiPractices, tips)

What are Patterns#

TODO usual stuff, refer to Alexander, GoF, Berczuk,...

Wiki Patterns#


Wiki Patterns Catalog#

Oh, by the way, my Wiki name is JDuprez, and I wish I had this latter displayed and linked to in the G'day message, and tracked in pages history, instead of my full name...

On the same line, I have an alias Jerome Duprez, because I once forgot my password, and also because accented characters used to cause problems in the past.


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