JBuilder is a popular [Java] IDE which supports code completion, class member popup and method parameter hints, GUI designer, [refactoring|Refactoring], [obfuscation|Obfuscation], teamwork support (version control), etc. It has the [Foundation Edition for free download|http://www.borland.com/jbuilder/foundation/index.html] with some features like obfuscation and teamwork support cut off.

The performance of JBuilder is a little bit slow but it is very stable compared to other Java IDEs like [Eclipse] and [NetBeans].

Just like [Borland|http://www.borland.com]'s another IDE Delphi, it is possible to write open tools API to access the IDE UI and code model to develop useful tools for use with JBuilder. Most JBuilder add-ins are commercial, a [UML] add-in called SDE for JBuilder (SmartDevelopmentEnvironment) can be downloaded free for its Community Edition, but UML model and code sync support is available in the Professional Edition only.