I created a JDBC front end for the 2.1 authentication system which simply retrieves all neccesary information from a configurable JDBC database. Most of the SQL statements are configurable as well. This requires a __future__ version of 2.1 where two methods in WikiDatabase are changed to protected instead of private. The jar file contains both source code and compiled classes.

;:''That would be 2.1.89.  Can you please check it's okay? --JanneJalkanen''
;:''Silly me, it needs also m_principals to be protected. --Killer''

!Setup instructions
Place the jar file into WEB-INF/lib. Add the following lines to your jspwiki.properties (modified to your configuration, of course).
jspwiki.authenticator = net.killeri.jspwiki.JDBCWikiAuthenticator
jspwiki.authenticator.jdbcclass = org.postgresql.Driver
jspwiki.authenticator.jdbcurl = jdbc:postgresql:jspwiki?user=fuubar
jspwiki.authenticator.selectsql = select user_id from person where user_id=? and password=?
jspwiki.userdatabase = net.killeri.jspwiki.JDBCUserDatabase
jspwiki.userdatabase.jdbcclass = org.postgresql.Driver
jspwiki.userdatabase.jdbcurl = jdbc:postgresql:jspwiki?user=fuubar
jspwiki.authorizer = PageAuthorizer

For authorization you need to have a table "role" with fields "role_name" and "user_id" in your database. This too will be configurable in later versions.

!Database administration
The jar file includes a couple of plugins to help with the database administration, namely ChangePasswordPlugin, GroupAddPlugin, GroupConnectPlugin, GroupDisconnectPlugin, and UserAddPlugin. All of these require the [WikiFormsPlugin] fom Ebu.