Jérôme Duprez's user page#

Redundant occurence of my user page. See Jérôme Duprez instead (and the whinning at the bottom :o).

Private information#

Don't read this. This is stuff for personal use, nothing you'd really care about anyway. Don't lose your time. Don't read this.


Frequent access:#

Pages I track#

And pages I've edited (with good chances and help of the ReferringPagesPlugin, I can easily watch if any of my questions got answered...): Bug Accented Characters Converted Badly, Bug Problem With Including Commented Out Sections, Bug Style Filtered Table Not Supported, Bug URL In Preformatted Text Displayed As Link, FAQ Authentication, Idea Page Summary By Headings, Idea Specific Access Level For Comment, Idea Wiki Links Through XPATH Including Sub Pages Support, Jerome Duprez, Jerome Duprez Favorites, Jérôme Duprez, Matthew Simpson, Query Plugin Discussion, Security 2.3 FAQ, Support.Jsp Wiki Dot Org, Tasks Plugin, Wiki As PERT

Hey are you still reading this?!?

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