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Redundant occurence of my user page. See [Jérôme Duprez] instead (and the whinning at the bottom :o).


!!! Private information

''Don't read this. This is stuff for personal use, nothing you'd really care about anyway. Don't lose your time. Don't read this.''

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! Frequent access:
* [Security2.3]

! Pages I track

* [JSPWikiSupport]
* [Visions]
* [Security2.3]
* [Security 2.3 Howto]
* [Security2.3FAQ]
* [Tasks Plugin]
* Submitted Bugs/Ideas
** [Idea Wiki Archive Generator]
** [Idea Delete Individual Revision]
** [Idea Noversioning Tag]
** [Idea Implement Diff Storage For Versioning File Provider]
** [IdeaAlignEngineVersionOnSandboxSite] (teah, I know, ''version'' is mispelled!)
** [Idea Buttons On Top Of Edit Page]
** [Stupid Questions# Possible bug incorrect date for second-to-last change in page history]
** [Bug Frequent Session Expiration]
** [Idea Named Sections]
** [Idea Notice And Style To Highlight Inserted Text]
** [Idea Specific Access Level For Comment]
** [Idea Richer Table Formatting]
** [Idea Wiki Wide Notice]
** [Idea Use Wiki Markup For Administration]
** [Bug Bug Report Form Needs Double Press Checking] (and discussion on how to process forms)
** [Idea Admin Creates User Profiles]
** [Bug Style Filtered Table Not Supported]
** [Idea RENAMEME Tag]

And pages I've edited (with good chances and help of the [ReferringPagesPlugin], I can easily watch if any of my questions got answered...):
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''Hey are you still reading this?!?''

! Links on Document management 

* [Idea Peer Review]
* [Idea Single Version For Saves By Same User Within Hour]
* [Idea Specific Access Level For Comment]
* [Idea Private Versioned Document Drafts]
* [Latex Plugin]

! Links on [Wiki As Database]

* [SpreadSheet Filter]
* [JSPlugin], [JSPlugin Scripts]
* [Tasks Plugin]
* [Alex Sokolov Tasks Plugin]

! Links on Wiki Development

* [Ideas Plugin Script Language]