!!! Jérôme Duprez's user page

Redundant occurence of my user page. See [Jérôme Duprez] instead (and the whinning at the bottom :o).

''Shameful prayer for help''
I lost my password for jspwiki's wiki. Is there a way to have it reset? :o(]


!!! Private information

''Don't read this. This is stuff for personal use, nothing you'd really care about anyway. Don't lose your time. Don't read this.''

!! Shortcuts

! Frequent access:
* [Security2.3]

! Pages I track
* [JSPWikiSupport]
* [Visions]
* [Security2.3]
* [Security 2.3 Howto]
* [Security2.3FAQ]

And pages I've edited (with good chances and help of the [ReferringPagesPlugin], I can easily watch if any of my questions got answered...):
[{ReferringPagesPlugin separator=', '}]

''Hey are you still reading this?!?''

!! Formatting tests

I know, I should be using the [SandBox|http://sandbox.jspwiki.org/] instead, but there are cases when the engine under the Sandbox is not the same as the one on this site...

! Testing Preformatted Text

{{simple preformatted text}} displays nicely

{{http://preformattedURL}} displays nicely as of 2.2, displays as an URL as of 2.4

{{{Code block displays in its own block as of 2.2}}},
and displays as {{{in-line preformatted text as of 2.4}}}