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Recent Changes#

Q: Can i use RSS with wikis which require authentication?

Q: We've set up several seperate project wikis we would like to search from one central "portal" wiki. Are there any developments enabling this searching of multiple wikis from one search box?

A: At the moment you need to write your own search tool for that, I'm afraid :-/. I think this may be something that needs to be discussed on MultiWikiDevelopment.

Q: How do you get your name or IP address instead of "unknown" to show up in the "Recent Changes" page?
A: Click on Set Preferences in the Left Menu. You can put your name there and it should show up. Are you running a VersioningFileProvider so you can track recent changes?

Q: Breadcrumb trail - JSPWiki.jar is shared by all webapps on tomcat, and the breadcrumbs tag isn't leaving a trail. Any ideas?
Q: IP address - How to get IP address as a user preference set by default? Mine is blank.....((
Q: I've developed a template and the "sign in" feature works fine, but how does one implement a "sign out" button? I'm a bit stumped.

Q: I'm currently looking at creating a multi-wiki implementation that has different public and private requirements. Is there one authentification approach that could be used across all three wikis, or will I have to mix-and-match?

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