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Publications talking about JSPWiki#

Note: many publications have examples of applications using JSPWiki and/or describe work done with JSPWiki (by extending it or creating plug-ins) to create specific applications.

Wiki and Semantic Web: Opening Wikis for Information Integration with a Semantic Wiki Interchange Format (SWIFT)#

ggg Max Völkel, submitted to WikiSym ’05, PDF

Creating and using Semantic Web information with Makna#

Karsten Dello, Elena Paslaru Bontas Simperl, and Robert Tolksdorf Proceedings of the First Workshop on Semantic Wikis - From Wiki to Semantics SemWiki2006 - at the ESWC 2006 PDF

Examples of JSPWiki applications#

CodeBeamer V4.1.1 uses a modified Version of JSPWiki: now using JSPWiki as their collaboration space for NetBeans users and developers. See

--Jacky Liu, 14-Dec-2006

I wonder if the folks at NetBeans would be willing to contribute their template??

--Rob Schramm, 03-Jan-2007

---I have the same question. Does anyone know if the NetBeans' JSPWiki template has been shared to the JSPWiki community? It looks very professional. --oraps 11-Feb-2008

Other examples of Wiki applications are listed in Category Wiki Applications

EmForge is using JspWiki Engine.

JspWiki is playing key-role in EmForge - since it is used for all textual information. For example, bug-descriptions are wiki-pages (so, may be referenced from another pages for example), project & milestone descriptions are wiki-pages... any text you see there are wiki :)

We do not using JspWiki JSP-Based GUI (since whole project is written in JSF/Facelets). I hope we will release new milestone very soon, and will publish source-code (currently is not doing it because there is still some security issues). Since EmForge is GPL whole our extensions for JspWiki like:

will be freely available for JspWiki team

--akakunin, 19-Jun-2007 link text

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