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JSPWiki has been used in great many places as a part of company intranet. Of course, not everyone tells me it, so I know of only a few intranets :-). Anyway, here are some practical issues you may have to deal with.

Publishing outside the intranet#

This script acts as a proxy to your intranet Wiki: PublishWikiPHP

Using local files#

Using the file:/// URL does not work as expected - simply because JSPWiki recognizes the "file:" as an InterWiki link. You can change this easily by editing the appropriate line in com.ecyrd.jspwiki.TranslatorReader.isExternalLink(), where the WikiEngine checks which links should be considered external hyperlinks. However, this requires recompilation, so it is not optimal.

The other possibility is - since you are already using a web server for the Wiki, you can map your internal hard drives as directories into your Wiki. Then you can access them directly using http: or https:, with the added bonus of actually having a record on who accessed what. You can then stop outsiders from viewing these documents using whatever system your web server has.

Question: Should the "file:" -url be recognized as an external link? --JanneJalkanen

  • Question: Why shouldn't the "file:" -url be recognized as an external link? -- GarethSB
  • Because someone might like to use it as a shortcut. Define an InterWiki link that starts with file:, and have it point at file:///usr/local/files/myfiles/%s, after which you can point at any file in that directory with relative ease. Hm. On the other hand, people might get confused with it working in a different manner than usually. --JanneJalkanen
  • Personally I think using [file:...] to mean anything other than a file: URL is confusing -- just as using http: or ftp: to mean something else would be. At present, we have defined the InterWiki prefix Share to mean file://%s so that we write [Share:IP address] for instance. Slashes seem to get translated into %2F so we couldn't simply map file to file:%s. Any thoughts? -- GarethSB
  • Whoopsie, that's definitely a bug. Or sort of it's not - the original idea of InterWiki links was that you could just link between Wikis really easily, in which case the URL encoding was okay. However, URLencoding does remove things like slashes... The fix is in the next release. file:-urls (false link) are also now recognized correctly (you talked me into it :-). --JanneJalkanen

I'm researching Wikis to set up as a Local Intranet here at the company that I'm interning for. Why would this wiki be the best? And specifically, am I aloud to update and change pages simply over the web. Or will I have to crack into HTML and coding to change the site?

--Nicholas Paul, 17-Jul-2007

Yes, that's exactly what you just did :-). Changing page content through the web is exactly what the wikis do best.

Since JSPWiki works with your regular servlet container, you can very easily integrate it with e.g. your existing LDAP userdatabase. JSPWiki is also very flexible and modular, and you can add all sorts of company-specific things to it pretty easily. Some people are even treating it as a platform, and developing very sophisticated stuff on it.

-- JanneJalkanen

Adding an interwiki called "file" got the effect I wanted, but only in ie. Any progress making this work on both ie and firefox?

add to jspwiki.properties:

#For the intranet

jspwiki.interWikiRef.file =file:///%s

see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_URI_scheme#Things_to_consider about that extra slash (3 not 2).

Then from within the page you can:


--ceveritt, 31-Oct-2011 22:40

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