Let me know which browsers you've tested JSPWiki on and the issues involved.

!!Mozilla 0.9.x

* Main development platform is Mozilla 0.9.5.  All seems to work fine, both on Linux and Win98.

!!Netscape 4.7x

* Netscape 4.75, Windows NT 4.0 - does not recognize UTF-8 encoding.

!!Konqueror 2.2

* Konqueror 2.2.1, Linux.  Does not render all UTF-8 fonts, but does recognize them.  Your average åäö work okay, but at least Japanese characters don't show.  Probably a font issue.

!!Internet Explorer 5.0

* IE 5.0 SP1, Windows NT 4.0.  Current link in the bottom status bar displays wrong characters with UTF-8 encoding.
* Same with IE 5.0 SP2, Windows 2000.

!!Internet Explorer 5.5

* IE 5.5 SP2, Windows 98 - no problems.

!!Nokia Communicator 9210

* UTF-8 not supported.
* Browsing works fine, editing as well, saving an edited page causes an
  internal server error (so could be fixable? contact me --[MikaelHonkala])