Let me know which browsers you've tested JSPWiki on and the issues involved.  Also, please check the [Test] page to see if everything renders correctly.

* Pre-1.0 final versions may have some problems - no real problems detected on actual releases.
** There is a problem with Mozilla not being able to decide whether it should run in strict or compatibility mode.
*** This is being followed as [bug 178088|http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=178088] in [Bugzilla|http://bugzilla.mozilla.org]
*** It would seem that the problem is gone in 1.3, but this remains to be confirmed.

!!Phoenix 0.4

* Unsurprisingly, this has the same problems as Mozilla.

!!Netscape 4.7x

* Netscape 4.75, Windows NT 4.0 - does not recognize UTF-8 encoding.
* It would also seem that when it ''does'' recognize the UTF-8 encoding, it messes up the UTF-8 conversion.  This does not happen on Win98, but seems to happen on IE4.x as well.
* Netscape Linux - UTF-8 works but character set incomplete, hence middle chinese character appearing as ?
* Tables are not functioning properly: Netscape way of doing CSS is so totally
  broken that I fear that it's not even worth supporting. :(
** If someone can fix this in a way that does not involve removing CSS attributes from tables, then by all means; submit a fix!
** Strangely enough, this seems to be fixed by 1.9.37.  Probably due to the fact that we're now closing <TD>-tags correctly.

* There is a built-in limit of 32000 characters in a textarea element.  This means that you simply cannot edit long WikiPages.  Yet another reason why you should switch browsers...

!!Konqueror 2.2

* Konqueror 2.2.1, Linux.  Does not render all UTF-8 fonts, but does recognize them. Your average åäö work okay, but at least Japanese characters don't show.  Probably a font issue.
* Dispute: when jspwiki.encoding is set to UTF-8, a page with åäö? saved in
  Konqueror 2.2.1 on Linux gets cut off at the first (ISO-Latin-8859-1?) char 
* Confirmed.  It also kills any UTF-8 encoded page, so if you edit any page with UTF-8, you remove all UTF-8 characters.  Is this in the Konq known bugs list?
* Ditto with Konqueror 2.2.2.
* The javascript width code for Edit.jsp in v1.7.0 does not seem to work correctly with 2.2.2.
* The [LeftMenu] with the user name gets rendered with plenty-of-space in 1.7.3.  Odd?

!!Konqueror 3.1.0

* UTF-8 problem from earlier versions of Konqueror seems to have been fixed.  Yay! 

!!Galeon 1.2.x

* The default font for Edit.jsp textarea is terribly small.  Very odd.

!!iCab 2.7.1

No obvious problems; a test page for encodings would help. Ah ha, the gobbledy gook above (Your average åäö) rendered as Ã?Â¥Ã?â?¬Ã?¶.

''Which it shouldn't - they are standard UTF-8 characters.  It seems that iCab does not understand UTF-8 properly.'' --[JanneJalkanen]

!!Internet Explorer 5.0

* 22.3.2002: Latest version on JSPWiki site (1.7.0?): when starting to edit a page, get a 
  JavaScript error: Line: 58, 'document.forms.0.text' is null or not an object. At least on most
  browsers, I think this should be 'document.forms[[0].text'. --[Mikael|MikaelHonkala]
** Fixed in 1.7.1.
* IE 5.0 SP1, Windows NT 4.0.  Current link in the bottom status bar displays wrong characters with UTF-8 encoding.
* Same with IE 5.0 SP2, Windows 2000.
* IE5.0 and Windows 2000 ''has'' been observed to result in 
  "internal server error"[1] on about two of every three page saves. 
  Unfortunately, I don't know what SP or special circumstances cause this.

!!IE 5.1, Mac OS X

* When encoding is set to ISO-8859-1, still posts UTF-8.  This may be a problem with Tomcat as well.

!!Internet Explorer 5.5

* IE 5.5 SP2, Windows 98 - no problems.

!!Internet Explorer 6.0

* ''Hearsay'': Javascript warning?
** Probably fixed in 1.7.1.
** ''No problems detected with IE6 / w2k'' --[Bisqwit]

!!Opera 6.0, Win2k & Win98

* Seems to have problems when page is in ISO-8859-1, and you edit a page with 8-bit characters.  Characters get converted into some messy thing.
* The auto-sizing of the edit page text box doesn't seem to do anything in Opera. It appears to be the same size as before.
** ''Confirmed.  Opera doesn't seem to like all CSS definitions.  Also, on my
   Win98 box, the default font is very big - is this typical of Opera? 
** I've never noticed Opera pages looking unusually large fonted.-- [MahlenMorris]
* The 'more bold' on the test page does not appear in bold.
** ''It should test whether the __bold__ attribute can survive paragraph borders.  I don't
   think it's legal HTML anyway.'' --[Janne]

!!Opera 5.0, Linux

* It would seem that it POSTs the arguments in an odd order.  We had a crash on [NotificationList] when someone posted a small change with Opera 5.0.  Apparently it botches the line breaks or something.  There's now a patch in CVS that stops the difference engine from crashing, but clearly I think we would need to just stop accepting the POSTed data and do some sanity checks on it. --[Janne]
** Yeah.  It's an EOL issue - all other browsers send CRLF sequences, but Opera 5.x seems to do POST in LF only.  Tomcat does not do any normalizing, so we put the LF sequences into the repository.  We need to do CRLF normalizing before storage.
** I'm noticing that some of the pages that [RobertMcGovern] has edited appear to have line breaks doubling, so that every line break turns into two line breaks when checked in. -- [MahlenMorris]
** I have noticed the same.  Robert, are you the one using Opera 5.0 on Linux? -- [Janne]
** ''Likely to be fixed in 1.7.2.'' --[JanneJalkanen]

!!Opera 5.12, all platforms?

* (__Uncertain, please confirm (test on SandBox or something)__) Does not respect UTF-8 -> all pages with UTF-8 characters in them get clipped at the first non-ASCII character when you edit a page.  Quite a serious bug, it seems - try to avoid this browser, please... --[JanneJalkanen]

!!Nokia Communicator 9210

* UTF-8 not supported.
* Browsing works fine, editing as well, saving an edited page causes an
  internal server error[#1] (so could be fixable? contact me --[MikaelHonkala]

!!Safari (MacOS X)
* Seems to work fine (I went to the [Test] page, and it seemed fine. --[MarkSzpakowski]

!! Related pages

See wiki:TWiki:Support/BrowserIssues ( [http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Support/BrowserIssues] ) for some more browser problems - some may not affect JspWiki, but I think the caching issues affect all Wikis. --[RichardDonkin]