JSPWiki ships out-of-the-box with a variety of plugins, some of these implement significant functionality of the wiki.

The following is a list of the core plugins:

Abstract Referral Plugin
Current Time Plugin
Groups Plugin
If Plugin
Index Plugin
Insert Page
List Locks Plugin
Page View Plugin
Recent Changes Plugin
Referred Pages Plugin
Referring Pages Plugin
Search Plugin
Sessions Plugin
Table Of Contents Plugin
Undefined Pages Plugin
Unused Pages Plugin
Vote Plugin
Weblog Archive Plugin
Weblog Entry Plugin
Weblog Plugin
Wiki Forms Plugin

Check JSP Wiki Plugins for other plugins.

Pseudo Problem#

The list above is, strictly speaking, a list of all pages that reference this one. It is auto-generated by the [{ReferringPagesPlugin}]. Any page that refers to this one would get listed.

To avoid this, the refering page can use a http link. For example,
[JSPWiki Core Plugins|http://www.jspwiki.org/Wiki.jsp?page=~JSPWikiCorePlugins]
will link to this page but not show as a reference.

Problem #

Q. Where do you actually download the plugins from?
A. They come with the standard download


Q. Is anyone extending JSPWiki's plugin framework so that SnipSnap macros can be used?
A. Don't know. A good idea, though.
A. I created a framework for image-generator plugins called ImageGen. It supports SnipGraph (among other libraries). But it does not support generic SnipSnap macros. -- NascifAbousalhNeto

The "pseudo problem" can be solved in an easier way. Link the core plugins not to this page, but to another page, like JSPWikiCorePluginList. Then include that page in this page. Links to this page will then not be included in the list, and the list will be clean. And maybe it's smarter to swap the page names, because that seems more logical.

--RvW, 09-Feb-2007

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