This is a collection of all those pages that currently discuss the development for [JSPWiki|About]. 
!General pages 
* [DiscussionAboutWiki] - Ideas, notes. Nothing formal. Discussions start here, then flow to other places. 
* [TODOList] - general note list on things that should be done. 
* [JSPWikiTips] - tips for using JSPWiki. 
* [WikiEditing] - "Edit this page" on JSPWiki. 
* [RefactoringWikiPages] - What to do when you see an old page. 
* [HelpOnSearching] - What to do when you want to find things. 
* [JSPWikiV2Features] - What's new in 2.0.0? 
* [JSPWikiV3Features] - What's planned for 3.0.0?
* [JSPWikiFeatureRoadMap] - Comparison of features .vs. versions 
* [JSPWikiDependencies] - Which libraries does JSPWiki use, and what version?
* [JSPWikiDesign] - How is the wiki designed? 
* [FAQDevelopment] - Some Frequently Asked Questions
!Development of new features 

* [Committers Guide] - What to do once you are a JSPWiki committer
* [Authorisation Discussion] - What the auth system should do, and how to do it 
* [Security 2.3] - New AAA subsystem coming in JSPWiki 2.3 
* [Plugin development] - What to do about [JSPWikiPlugins]? 
* [Page Filters] - How to make rendering more modular? 
* [JSPWiki face lift] - How to make JSPWiki more attractive? 
* [WikiMarkupDevelopment] - Issues with Wiki markup. 
* [WikiRPCInterface] - An [XML-RPC] interface to a Wiki. 
* [Hula] - Java helper classes for clients to the [WikiRPCInterface]. 
* [Hoop] - Program that projects a [WikiRPCInterface] for Wiki's that don't already have one. 
* [Ideas] - Ideas that don't warrant their own page yet. 
* [BuildingJSPWiki] - Issues relating to building JSPWiki yourself. 
* [ContributingChanges] - How to contribute your modifications back to JSPWiki. 
* [AnonymousSVNAccess] - How to look at latest sources in Subversion 
* [EclipseConfig] - How to setup Eclipse for JSPWiki development 
!Parts that are currently being tested 
* [VersioningFileProvider] - If you're tired with the [RCSFileProvider]. 
!Old talk on things already implemented 
* [UTF8Patches] - JSPWiki supports Unicode! 
* [WritingPageProviders] - If you want to implement your own WikiPageProvider. 
* [CreatingReferralList] - Backlinks to referring [WikiPage]s. 
* [InlineImageLinks] - Inlining images. 
* [ImplementationIssues] - Issues encountered when implementing JSPWiki. 
!Installation woes and other problems 
* [BugReports] - The obvious page :-). 
* [WindowsInstall] - sometimes troublesome. 
* [InstallingJSPWiki] - Other installation problems. 
* [JSPWikiBrowserCompatibility] - Issues with browsers should be brought here. 
* [JSPWikiServletCompatibility] - Issues with various application severs are recorded here. 
* [JSPWikiJDKCompatibility] - how does JSPWiki work with alternative implementations? 
!Administration related 

* [RCSFileProviderIssues] - RCS is not exactly easy to administer. 
* [JSPWikiAsIntranet] - Some funny ''(why 'funny'?)'' people like to run JSPWiki as their company intranet. 
* [JSPWikiOnWindows] - Issues when running JSPWiki on Windows-based servers.